Opera Browser Unveils Degenknows, a New NFT Analytics Tool

InfoNesia.xyz – Opera has launched a new analytics tool that allows users to discover, track, and verify digital collectibles. In addition, the Web3 browser will support NEAR and Fantom blockchains, according to a press release on November 3, 2022.

Seamless NFTs Verification and More

The Web3-focused Opera Crypto Browser unveils “DegenKnows,” the new NFT analytics tool that includes on- and off-chain analytics that will help users to discover and verify digital collectibles seamlessly.

The new product will provide users with extensive analytics that will help them discover and invest in prospective NFTs before they are minted and gain mass adoption.

It provides users with an in-depth view of the most popular NFTs on the market, and relevant information like study charts and key collectors will be available in real time. In addition, it will protect its users from NFT scams by offering off-chain data from social media sources and essential information about the team behind the NFT projects.

Per the report, DegenKnows also lets users know which influential figures in the NFT sector are following a specific project. In addition, the analytics tool will launch the “Smart Money” feature, which helps users identify all the reliable high-profit wallets and big players in the NFT space.

Susie Batt, Crypto Ecosystem Lead at Opera, in a statement, said:

“Our aim with the Opera Crypto Browser is to provide a portal into Web3 at its fullest. From browsing dApps to using their funds, our users can explore Web3 from the safe environment of a user-friendly browser by a trusted brand. Today, with DegenKnows, we are giving them an innovative tool to explore and understand the world of NFTs and perhaps spot the next big project ahead of others.”

Opera Adds Support for NEAR Protocol, Others

Another function of the DegenKnows tool is that it can be used to classify high-profit wallets into one of three groups. The first group, Smart Minter displays wallets that are best at profiting from minting and selling, and the second, Smart Traders, includes wallets that are excellent at making profits by trading on secondary markets. Finally, Smart Holder focuses on wallets holding onto NFTs for an extended period to produce income.

Susie Batt added:

“As Web3 and NFTs continue to see mainstream adoption, the tools dedicated to the sector should similarly evolve. With DegenKnows, we have created a platform that helps users get an edge in the NFT market by exploring the vibrant world of NFTs, tracking purchases from their favorite collectors, detecting the authenticity of tokens, and much more.”

To celebrate the launch, all Opera browser users are given free premium access to DegenKnows, while non-Opera users can access a brief free trial that will be open till the end of the year.