OpenSea Lists Elon Musk’s ‘The Bird Is Freed’ Tweet As NFT – Following the acquisition of Twitter by Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, a giant electronic cars producer, Elon posted a new tweet that has waltzed its way into the NFT marketplace.

OpenSea Lists The Bird Is Freed As Collectible

OpenSea, a leading Non-fungible token marketplace, listed the new Twitter CEO’s first tweet after purchasing the media company as a collectible. The tweet which reads ‘the bird is freed’ is worth 25 Ethereum or $37,640.25 on OpenSea. At the time of writing, it has sold a piece.

After closing the $44 billion Twitter deal, Elon assumed ownership of the popular media platform. Subsequently, he laid off all the top executive board members of the company. Hence, by default, giving him complete control over the affairs of Twitter.

Elon Posted the now trending ‘the bird is freed’ tweet in the wee hours of Friday, at precisely 4:48 AM. It was to announce his official possession of the firm. In addition, he visited Twitter’s US Headquarters to address the company’s staff.

Before acquiring Twitter, Elon had expressed a desire to curtail the posts allowed on the platform. He raised concerns about individuals who post hate speeches, make groundless claims, and update news without credible sources. In one of his comments, he said their actions were contrary to the primary purpose of such a broad platform and deserved outright consequences.

However, this fueled the move to buy the company. Although, there are more reasons behind the purchase of Twitter. These include ridding pervading bots and designing an algorithm to filter content before going live.

Elon Musk’s Twitter Saga Rallies Dogecoin

Meanwhile, Dogecoin shot up as news of Elon finalizing the Twitter deal aired. DOGE is the first memecoin to enter the crypto market. It was excerpted from a dog meme in 2013.

Since its advent, Elon has been a back-to-back proponent of digital assets. Some would even say they complement each other. Because each time Elon made a progressive post relating to DOGE, it gained.

For instance, in April, the coin exploded after Elon first proposed to acquire Twitter and enable Dogecoin as a payment method for subscription to the platform. Similarly, DOGE has amassed 35% over the last five days and 10% over the previous twenty-four hours. The changes followed Elon’s bio update to Chief Twit on Wednesday.

Accordingly, the asset dipped as Elon attempted to pull out of the bid. However, after a month-long squabble between Musk and Twitter, the former finally conceded to buying it. It was either that or facing a court trial in a court in Delaware.