ETH Whales Think BudBlockz Will Be a Top 100 Coin in 2023 – Investing in the crypto market has become a very lucrative opportunity as long as you know the suitable projects. Crypto whales often indicate the next big crypto project since they have the most capital, and their decisions affect the whole market. Lately, all eyes have been on BudBlockz’s $BLUNT token based on functionality, real-world use cases, and the massive buzz in the crypto universe.

Here’s Why Crypto Whales Matter

Crypto whales are those investors, institutional or not, that own a huge amount of cryptocurrency. Since they are large holders, their choices to buy or sell will not only impact the decisions of smaller participants looking for trends but also tilt the price up or down, based on whether they decide to buy or sell.

What Is BudBlockz and Why Do ETH Whales Buy BLUNT?

Crypto whales usually hold crypto for the long term, so smaller retail investors are always curious about their activities of Crypto so that they can do the same. It is because crypto whales usually decide the direction and success of the cryptocurrency.

Lately, ETH whales have appeared to lose interest in Ethereum and shift their capital to other projects. One of these projects is the innovative BudBlockz decentralized platform and its native token, $BLUNT.

BudBlockz is essentially the first decentralized platform for buying and selling marijuana, although transactions are only permitted in jurisdictions where marijuana use is currently legal. However, this does not seem to be a significant deterrent as the global weed industry is embracing wide acceptance.

For instance, in the US, 19 out of 50 states have already legalized marijuana. In Europe, Germany has approved its medicinal use and plans to legalize recreational use. . Many believe that various countries will follow the course, hence BudBlockz stands on an opportunity worth billions of dollars.

In addition to reaping the benefits of the worldwide legalization of marijuana, BudBlockz provides additional perks to its investors. For instance, $BLUNT token holders can buy NFTs, which grants them fractional ownership in weed businesses worldwide. It also targets gamers with a collection of retro games that reward winners with cryptocurrency.

$BLUNT and the BudBlockz universe move away from the meme coins that often have no real-world utility. Instead, it enjoys the early-mover advantage and may easily combat the banking issues and stigma surrounding the cannabis industry, creating a supportive community of consumers, businesses, investors, and weed enthusiasts.

Clearly, BudBlockz attracts crypto whales’ interest due to the huge profit opportunities it currently presents, even though the token has yet to be officially launched. It is scheduled to launch by early December and has become one of the most successful pre-sales this year, selling more than 49 million tokens.

Bottom Line

Overall, monitoring the crypto whales can offer a clear insight into the next big crypto projects on the market. And BudBlockz is the cryptocurrency the crypto whales currently have their eyes on because it promises to be one of the top 100 coins in 2023.

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