EasyMM Unveils A Sustainable Algorithm for Crypto Investors

InfoNesia.xyz – EasyMM has unveiled a new market-making algorithmic solution for crypto investors. The platform is a sustainable and organic algorithm tool for user-friendly market-making.

It is for crypto traders who look forward to having basic information about their digital assets at a glance.

Guaranteed Sustainable Trading

EasyMM is also available to users at a comparatively low price. The platform brings a new era into the crypto environment. It’s a project that seeks to offer support where crypto project requirements for users are not met.

It will, therefore, provide a more sustainable means of trading while dispelling users’ fears about trading. EasyMM also provides data and charts with organic presentations.

Part of the promises of the EasyMM network to its users is first a faster setup process. It also promises absolute customer experiences for each user while offering competitive pricing. Above all, it is a sustainable platform to use.

EasyMM’s CEO, Corneliu Buncuic, said the firm is continuously working to get more clients onboard its services. While at the same time, it delivers awesome market returns.

In his words, Buncuic said the EasyMM team is working hard to ensure that the number of active users surpasses 200 by the end of this year. He said the platform has gained more than 100 active users as a result of its market-making algorithm. Importantly, the firm keeps working with them because of the algorithm’s sustainability.

Corneliu Buncuic said further that EasyMM’s prices are low in comparison to what obtains in the market. This is despite the extensive growth going on all around. But the firm plans to increase its prices once it crosses the 300-user mark, he said.

According to the CEO, the new price, at that time would be in the middle of the market or slightly higher. And it would only pertain to new users, not to existing ones. This could be part of the firm’s customer retention mechanism.

The Simple-Use Tool

EasyMM provides clear, succinct, organic bars, and trading volumes. These come in addition to the scores seen on crypto analytics sites such as CoinMarketCap. Furthermore, EasyMM enables users to cut down on price declines to the lowest level even when there is high selling pressure.

The platform has recorded some great results in a relatively short period. It has up to 85% retention of its clients, more than 90 exchanges, its price is 90% lower than that of its competitors, and it has more than 100 users.

Despite the fact that it has noteworthy growth in every area, EasyMM chooses to retain a relatively low price. Nevertheless, the management team is looking forward to increasing the price when it has more than 300 users. It is all part of the plan of maintaining an actually sustainable trading platform.