Digital Assets Firm Bakkt, Set to Acquire Apex Crypto – A definitive agreement has been signed by Bakkt Holdings, to acquire Apex Crypto, from Apex Fintech Solutions, Inc. Apex Crypto, is a digital asset platform that unlocks cryptocurrency and drives loyalty to create delightful, connected experiences for a variety of clients. This purchase is anticipated to dramatically strengthen Bakkt’s bitcoin product line and increase its customer base in neobanks, fintechs, and trading app platforms, among other client verticals.

According to the terms of the deal, Bakkt and Apex Fintech Solutions will sign a business contract that will legally record their continuous cooperation in providing Bakkt crypto solutions to Apex’s 220+ clients. Apex Fintech Solutions will have the chance to offer its clients the top platform solutions from Bakkt as part of the ongoing relationship.

Apex Fintech Solution and Bakkt CEOs Speak on the Project

Both firms’ CEO’s made remarks regarding the unveiling of their project. According to Gavin Michael, CEO of Bakkt:

“We found a unique asset in Apex Crypto, which will increase the number of our crypto clients, give us a faster time to market for new crypto capabilities, and serve as a second channel for continued sales to a crypto-savvy audience through Apex Fintech Solutions. With the addition of this ancillary company, we think we are well-positioned to be the go-to cryptocurrency supplier for businesses like financial institutions, fintech, retailers, and loyalty programs that want to give their consumers seamless crypto experiences. Additionally, it’s anticipated that it will open up additional cutting-edge alternatives, including NFTs and crypto incentives, that appeal to the next generation of customers.”

According to William Capuzzi, CEO of Apex Fintech Solutions, it is their goal to allow frictionless investment for everyone, and Bakkt’s staff and technology are a wonderful complement to that. To continue offering consumers a smooth crypto experience and access to a larger solution set, William stated that they will look forward to cooperation. According to him, for both of their enterprises, the project marked the start of an exciting period of expansion and innovation.

More on Apex and Bakkt

As Bakkt scales its products, the deal is anticipated to bring revenue diversity and benefits. With complimentary crypto solutions that will provide our combined partners with more alternatives and functionality, Bakkt thinks that Apex’s cryptocurrency platform will speed up the invention and development of its products. The combined capabilities of Bakkt and Apex Crypto are anticipated to accelerate the time to market for more complex crypto goods, including staking, external transfers, and NFTs.