Binance launches a new online challenge for World Cup fans – Binance’s “Football Fever 2022” debuts to unite people worldwide and create a vibrant community of sports and football enthusiasts. Football fans can enter to win a share of an incredible prize pool, which includes more than $1,000,000 in tokens, limited-edition NFTs, and premium club experiences like player meet-and-greets and training ground tours as part of a new online challenge that Binance is launching in response to the global football fever.

According to the statement by Binance, to participate, fans only need to claim their complimentary NFT Passports and predict the results of forthcoming games in support of their preferred clubs. From November 11 until December 18, users may start claiming their NFT Passports.

A unique experience for football lovers

The game, a first-of-its-kind Web3 fan experience driven by blockchain technology, rewards players with premium experiences and unique NFTs from prestigious teams like S.S. FC Porto, Lazio, Santos FC, and Formula 1 racing outfit BWT Alpine F1 Team in addition to the potential to win prizes. Furthermore, holders of Binance Fan Tokens and new users will benefit from exclusive bonuses and multipliers in the games.

Users can also test the game if they are new to Binance by registering to have three opportunities to participate in the daily challenge. If a user has a Binance account already, they can experience it daily as long as their NFT Passport is set up.

The Head of NFT and Fan Tokens at Binance, Lisa He, in a statement, said:

“Fans from all around the globe will be tuned in to witness this historical event, and we’re happy to be able to make their celebrations even more unforgettable. Players have the potential to win spectacular prizes, completely authentic experiences, and collect NFTs. This is not just a terrific way to feel involved in the action but also a way to have some fun. Fans may also challenge friends to attend the game and join them in fun to make this experience more memorable and allow them to share it with others.”

After the news release, Binance additionally announced on Twitter that Accra, Ghana, had the world’s first gift card store. The company claims that consumers may now acquire Binance Gift Cards in person with cash to spend on any good of their choice.

The upcoming World Cup is garnering more attention from the crypto ecosystem.

As the world cup approached, metaverse became one of the communities looking to invest in the event. When discussing the metaverse, Anthony Goonetilleke and Raman Abrol previously suggested that the world cup may include a metaverse-related activity.