BabyDogeSwap announces its listing on two new platforms – Baby DogeCoin has been listed on two more platforms, according to a tweet from its account. Coin98, a wallet, exchange, and DeFi platform, has added the BabyDogeSwap dex app. The coin has also been featured on

According to, Customers shouldn’t spend much more because BabyDogeSwap uses the BNB Smart Chain, a blockchain with far cheaper costs than Ethereum. Additionally, Dapp claims their exchange costs are more affordable than those of other leading platforms. The company announced it will charge as little as 0% in exchange costs for some pairings. Baby Doge holders will also receive exclusive discount offers on BabyDoge/BNB.

This news comes after several cryptocurrency exchanges, including ProBit Global and ONUS, based in South Korea and Vietnam, recently gained BabyDoge support. ProBit, on October 25, announced that it would be listing BabyDogeSwap. However, despite the recent ecosystem advancements, the currency’s price has decreased by over 6%.

BabyDogeSwap earlier collaborations

Despite billions of tokens being destroyed previously, BabyDoge made two other partnerships. The two collaborations included one with the launchpad network UniCrypt and the horse-racing metaverse game DeRace NFT. The BabyDoge Army gains secondary value from the UniCrypt relationship by being able to start projects on BabyDogeSwap, which also has farm and staking pools.

According to the DeRace tweet dated October 26, the crossover includes “exciting events” for both groups. A video that showed a DeRace horse with a Baby Doge emblem on its hind legs was also attached to the tweet. DeRace was contacted by BSC News but did not respond in time for the story to be published.

BabyDogeSwap is growing into more than just a meme coin

With the newest additions and improvements, Baby Doge Coin is evolving beyond its original purpose as a meme coin. According to recent reports, the portal BabyDogeSwap’s TVL exceeded $27 million.

The wildly famous meme coin Baby DogeCoin has recently received more attention since October 25ober, thanks to a flurry of new milestones. The BabyDogeSwap platform’s Total Value Locked (TVL) reached $27 million this past week.

BabyDogeSwap, after making headlines by surpassing $27 million, could soon be in the spotlight again as it closes on $28 million in TVL. Early swap problems couldn’t stop users from using the network because of the excitement around Baby DogeCoin. On October 30, the swap team tweeted that additional features were in the pipeline, including more methods to see platform information.

Baby Doge Coin is becoming more than a meme coin in the cryptocurrency industry thanks to the swap service and new collaborations. The swap gives the project access to Decentralized Finance (DeFi), which resembles a Decentralized Exchange (DEX).